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about us

LionAir is the leading helicopter and
executive jets charter service company in the Philippines.

Our fleet of executive jets, turbo props and helicopters lets you choose an aircraft
that will perfectly suit your travel needs.












At the very heart of our business is Lionair’s core philosophy

"Cost effectiveness without compromising Safety."

This principle drives Lionair to be focused on maintaining only the highest standards of quality
and excellence as specified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and other regulatory authorities.

Lionair invests heavily on setting up its base standards for manpower and equipment through trainings and quality audits.

Charter Flights

Lionair offers charter flights within Boracay with the following services

Airport Transfer

May it be from a point in the city to the airport, or from the airport to island destinations such as Boracay, we can arrange pick-up or drop-off at your convenience.

* A maximum 20 kilos is allowed for this flight.

Beach Tour

A 10-minute helicopter tour where you can enjoy the aerial views of Boracay world famous 3 kilometer white sand beach.

Island Tour

Experience a 15-minute helicopter tour of the entire Boracay Island. Take an aerial stroll as you fly above the Tambisaan Reef, Bulabog Beach and Puka Shell Beach.

Sunset Tour

Take flight and witness a breath-taking sunset whether it's along the coast of the city or the shores of the island.

City Tour

See the skyscrapers of the city from up above and avoid the road traffic jams. Spot landmarks, famous buildings, industrial areas, even your own village!

VIP Transport

Last minute meetings on the other side of the city? Quick out of town getaway? Our VIP services will keep you worry-free.

Packaged Tour

We can customize your trip if you have multiple stops or need to coordinate landing and pick-up in private areas.

Air Ambulance

Lionair also provides full air ambulance transport services with a team of licensed medical practitioners before, during and after the flight. We guarantee professional services such as medical evacuation, rescue operations, and any other medical-aviation related services.

Air Ambulance

For any emergency concerns and inquiries,

Call us : +63 917 828 1183

Our Fleet

Lion Air Inc. is offering the following set of aircraft for charter


Our R44 units are the most reliable for any quick flights. This 4-seater helicopter can carry 3 passengers and is commonly used for our aerial tours, airport transfers, and short-distance travels for a small group.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Two-bladed rotor system, Lycoming IO-540, six cylinder, fuel injected
  • Passenger
  • 3 passengers


The R66 is a helicopter that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and slightly bigger than the R44. This can be booked for aerial tours and other utility flights.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Two-bladed rotor system, Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine
  • Passenger
  • 4 passengers

KingAir B200

The KingAir b200 is a multi-purpose turboprop that may be used for VIP charter, cargo, medevac and/or air ambulance. This is ideal for a small group of passengers opting for fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Twin-turboprop aircraft produced by Beechcraft
  • Passenger
  • 7 passengers

AS355 F2

If our smaller helicopters could not accommodate a bigger group, the AS355 F2 is ready to take the flight.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Twin-engine utility helicopter
  • Passenger
  • 5 Passenger Seats

Westwind I

Westwind I is a medium size aircraft that may be used for business trips, small-group transportation and VIP charter flights.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Corporate jet manufactured by Gulfstream
  • Passenger
  • 8 Passenger Seats

Challenger 600

Another fixed wing aircraft is the Challenger 600. It is perfect for small-group trips for business, leisure or any chartered flight.

  • Aircraft Description
  • Corporate jet manufactured by Bombardier
  • Passenger
  • 9 Passenger Seats


Lionair is the exclusive distributor of Robinson Helicopter Company, a California Corporation.
Lionair is also the only one authorized service center of R44/R22 type of helicopter in Philippines.

R44 Raven/Clipper Series Helicopters

Robinson's R44 Raven Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, and utility applications.


The high performance R44 Raven II has a Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction engine, which eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The standard 28-volt electrical system ensures good starting performance in hot or cold weather, and provides additional electrical power for optional equipment.


Equipped with a Lycoming O-540 carbureted engine, the R44 Raven I offers a balance between performance and affordability. Raven I features carburetor heat assist that enhances safety and reduces pilot workload by automatically adjusting carburetor heat in response to power changes by the pilot.
After Sales Maintenance
Scheduled – This is in accordance with Robinson Maintenance requirement
Non-Scheduled Maintenance – This is done based on pilot’s discrepancy report after a flight
Parts & Materials
Parts and materials for R44 and R22 are sold exclusively by Lionair.
All spare parts and materials needed to service Robinsons Helicopters are available only at Lionair.


Lion Air’s capability to consistently deliver the most competitive charter rates is one of the reasons why we have gained the loyalty of our clients in our years of service.


Minimize Costs and Surcharges


Increase Safety Margins


Elevate Quality of Experience

Our rental rates for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are fairly competitive.

Take Off and Landing Fee

  • Major Airports
  • R44
    PHP 2,000.00 per cycle
  • R66, KINGAIR B200
    PHP 3,000.00 per cycle

Waiting Time Fee

  • R44 RAVEN II
    PHP 5,000.00 per hour + 12% VAT
  • R66
    PHP 6,500.00 per hour + 12% VAT
  • KINGAIR B200
    PHP 9,500.00 per hour + 12% VAT

Remain Overnight Fee

  • R44 RAVEN II
    PHP 10,000.00 per night + 12% VAT
  • R66
    PHP 12,000.00 per night + 12% VAT
  • KINGAIR B200
    PHP 15,000.00 per night + 12% VAT


    PHP 200 per pax + 12% VAT

Other Services

Aerial Photography
Aerial Survey
Flower Dropping
Media Production

Contact Us

Contact us with praise, questions, or for commissions.

General information
  • PADC Hangar 5, West Maintenance Area,Manila Domestic Airport, Pasay, Metro-Manila
  • +63 (2) 8851-5019
  • +63 917 828 1183
Boracay Helicopter Adventure
  • Boracay Island (Station 3)Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Municipality of Malay, Aklan
  • +63 917 813 0118
  • +63 939 913 5663